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Kindom Life Assembly consists of a team of competent, committed and experienced religious ministers in;




Children’s Church serves children ages 3 through 13.

The goal of children’s ministry is to lead children toward knowing Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. To guide the children into a growing relationship with Christ by encouraging them to pursue intimacy with God.  It is also aimed at communicating God’s word to the kids and ensures that they grow into it. Children are taught to understand their God given talents and to use them positively.

We believe in equipping and prayerfully supporting each child so that they might realize Christ’s perfect plan for their life.




This department welcomes visitors and new members with love and care, and provides them first-hand church information. They are responsible for ministering to the physical needs of the disadvantaged, the team utilize this opportunity to demonstrate God's love, touch spirits and bring others to Christ.

The visitation arm of the ministry physically visits members, who are seemingly lonely, need encouragement and prayers.

They serve the needs of all church members and help to promote love and unity in families through physical and spiritual support. They are passionate in advancing the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ and the overall well-being of the church and congregation.




To make newcomers feel welcome and wanted. To show the newcomers love and care.

To ensure that newcomers are giving appropriate and adequate information about the church and ensure they go through newcomer/believers class.

To encourage them to join the church if they do not have a permanent place of worship.

To ensure that newcomers feel welcome and encourage them to join or re-visit the church again.

To assist newcomers, guide them through and help to answer any question they may have.

To make the natural groups and all the departments that exists in the church known to newcomers.




Building on the truth that every believer in Jesus Christ should actively engage in prayer. This ministry comprises of prayer warriors and mediators who constantly bring the praises and petitions of the church and church members before the throne of God.

The Intercessors unit stay sensitive and diligent to commit to God the specific and corporate needs of the church, society and the nations at large. The team is dedicated to deliverance and is responsible for praying and conduction deliverance sessions as the need arises.




The central aim of the Sunday school department is to provide a platform for Church members to study the bible so that by so doing, they can discover the treasures in it.

To teach lessons that will both challenge and reinforce Christian biblical standards in personal relationships and provide an unbiased guide to fulfilling God’s will in the Christian life.

Provide an atmosphere for questions and answers on topical issues that border on every day Christian life.




This department comprises of singers and vocalists for the twin purposes of praising and worshiping the Lord and leading the congregation for the same. The department includes the Kingdom Voices Choir, Praise/Worship team and the entire instrumentalist.

They focus on leading all church members into God’s presence with their voices and instruments. They also regularly render special songs ministration and hold musical concerts and prepare the atmosphere that ushers in the glory to God




The first purpose of the evangelism ministry is to seek the lost and bring them into a saving knowledge and experiential relationship with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The second purpose is to strengthen the saved by encouragement, exhortation and edification.

Additional purpose of this ministry is to mobilize members of the church congregation to share the gospel and the love of Christ with those who do not know Jesus Christ as their saviour; and to share the gospel as a team as well as individually. A church’s purpose to love all people is expressed through evangelism and outreach. While church members might not be able to preach like Paul, they can help share the love of Jesus to some who need it most.




This department maintains the order at all times during each church service. They are the spiritual ‘gatekeepers’, ‘doorkeepers’ and ‘watchmen’ inside the church, ‘keepers of the threshold’ (I Chronicles 16:38, Nehemiah 7:1 Esther 2:21, Jeremiah 35:4 and Psalm 84:10b).

They are the first people that members and visitors meet at the church entrance and therefore, form the basis of their first-time impression. Before anybody enters the church for service, see members or see the Pastor, the ushers are the people they come face-to-face with.

They are also available to meet the needs of the worshippers, visitors and every member of the church.




To create a beautiful and attractive altar and environment for the congregation

To assist and support the Pastorate by making the decoration to reflect the theme of the event/programme

To create a clean and conducive environment and atmosphere for congregants and visitors to worship God.

To ensure that the rest room are in good condition before, during, and after the service.


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